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A GUI Again
16th May 2022  
Pakz has continued to gripe about JSE's horrific GUI layout on iPhone.


I mean, he's right, of course, but I really do hate doing GUIs..

Today's task, then, is to redo the whole GUI from scratch for what must be the twentieth time, already.
This time, I'm going to make everything menu based, so you tap "Tools" then tap "Pen", or tap "Save" then tap "Revert", that sort of thing.
Everything's going to end up as two clicks instead of just one, so that might make things ever so slightly worse.
I'm hoping that it isn't "too" bad, after all, the colour palette is already a two-click process. But .. I'm not really sure how good or bad it'll end up.
Might as well give it a (nother) go, though, right?!

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