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JSE Gui Overhaul
17th May 2022  
The majority of the new GUI Layout is now available at


The overall gist of the overhaul is "Less onscreen at once", with practically the entire functionality now being an extra click away.
When I started this project I disliked the idea of everything being "a menu away", but as it's progressed, more and more got shoved into a secondary menu.
Yesterday, I went whole hog and wrapped practically every function behind a menu click.

I should've done this AGES ago.
The main GUI now actually fits on an iPhone screen without bobbling all over the place, and overlapping the code box.

The best example of this, IMHO, is the new Tools menu in the "Image" editor (shhh, it's still a Symbol editor!!)

Now, if that's not minimising the interface, I don't know what is.
Today I need to add a couple more functions into the Image (Symbol!!) editor.
Flip, Rotate, Drag, and the "Import Spritesheet" function, too.
But otherwise.. Yeah, it's turned out nice.
I think.

Feel free to pop your thoughts in the comments below.

You can Goto JSE here

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