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The Chaos of Collision
31st May 2022  
The JSE Collision stuff is an absolute mess, right now!


My head's coming up with a hundred or so game ideas, in a desperate attempt to get me to stop working on the mathematical insanity that lies before me.

Rotated and scaled rectangles colliding with each other?

Triangles are working just fine, though. Not sure why those, in particular, would work as well as they do, but.. They do!

Yesterday was maths chaos, and after a heck of a lot of work, things are .. mostly working.
But they only ever collide with a single pixel, so today's task is to rewrite huge chunks once more, in order to get circles colliding with triangles, images colliding with lines, and more.

The new methodology is at least "functional", so things should be easy enough to expand. I think.
I might need to up the array of collision data, though, as I can see that getting overworked in more frantic games.

I also really desperately need to figure out just how much memory I'm using in JSE.. At this point I'm flinging all manner of stuff at the browser and just hoping for the best.
Must try to figure out how to do that. I'm not sure Javascript can do it, though.

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