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JSE Collision Redux
3rd June 2022  
A lot of rewriting of the rewriting of the collision detection in JSE, yesterday!


Checking two rotated shapes seemed almost impossible until I realised I already had the functionality kinda working for the Scaled/Rotated Symbol vs Point bit.
I figured if I rewrite that, make it more reusable, then check the points of a rotated/scaled shape against the other, and also back again, that that should hopefully end up giving me a proper answer as to whether the shapes are indeed colliding.
It's not going to be pixel-perfect, and complex shapes like Stars won't be exact, but ... For the majority of collisions it should at least be functional "enough".

Today, then I need to take what I did yesterday, and wrap it into a number of other complicated functions in order to (hopefully!) end up with a fairly decent enhanced collision detection methodology.
I hope.

Super migraine doing all of this maths stuff.

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