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Rest Period Incoming
10th June 2022  
I've churned out games for so long.. Sometimes I just need to stop and rest for a while, and I think that moment is coming sooner than I was hoping for.


My plan for the rest of the month is..
1. Finish off RetroRaider "Le Petit Voyage" on Switch.
2. Finish off RetroRaider "Haven't come up with a good name yet" on the Amiga.
3. Maybe do RetroRaider "Definitely haven't come up with a name yet" in the Browsercade.

And rest.
Lots of rest.

Musically I also need to finish off the current ALBum (Bitter currently has three more tracks to do) before dropping all my iOS musical tools and finally making the switch over to Ableton on the Mac.

That'll be a fairly big switch, and I'll have to learn a ton of new things in order to get back my AL-Mojo afterwards.
But it should hopefully allow me to do more interesting and varied things in the future.

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