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Struggling with Level Design
12th June 2022  
The layout for RetroRaider is proving to be tougher than it oughta be.


I keep finding dead-ends, where Laura Plat will drop down a hole into a completely unavoidably blocked area.
I'm currently not sure on the best method to solve such an issue, but I'm thinking "always have a ladder after a hole" would likely be a decent way of ensuring you can always get out of such areas.

It'll certainly make for an easier escape. But what happens if the player still ends up in such a scenario?
What possible death-methods can I add to a scenario where the player's stuck in an empty room?

Add extra spawning bats and things?
That would likely do the job, especially if you're stuck in a room/small area.

Whatever method I choose, this SmileBASIC version will have to be the guinea pig for whatever the Amiga version ends up being.
.. Oh yeah, and then rewriting it all on there.
Oh, the joy..

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