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13th June 2022  
It's taken me ages to wake up, this morning!!


I was awake until about 4:30 this morning, finishing off RetroRaider on Switch, then doing the screenshots, youtube, uploading, blogging, etc.
Such a chore, but definitely a relief to get it done.
This morning, once I finally did wake up, I felt incredibly relieved, like a giant weight has been lifted.
Not only do I now have a much better plan for the Amiga edition, but I've also managed to hit that 150th SmileBASIC Game milestone.

I think I'm going to take a break from SmileBASIC games for a short while.
I still definitely need to do a JNKPlat in there, but .. for now at least.. everything's in a nice neat pile, and I can sit back and look at everything I've achieved on there.

And I have achieved a lot, even if barely anyone plays them.
And so goes the life of AGameAWeek!!

Today's Plan : See about fixing the backgrounds for the Amiga version. Get everything flowing in the way it's supposed to, and then think about the best method to generate the levels.

And relax.
A lot of relaxing..

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