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Relaxing ... And Spending..
14th June 2022  
Aaah, a night off.
I didn't do anything, but also I didn't worry about having to do anything.
Gud gud gud!


Taking a break means .. finding all the other things I haven't yet done, and having to do all of them.
Oh, goody..

Like the SmileBASIC videos which no longer match my current videos, since they have no AGameAWeek Jingle Intro, nor do they have the outro with Patron names.
Over on SoCoder, Spinal suggested that I buy a little HDMI capture dongle thing, so I've ordered one of those, and ... we'll see how well that works in a day or two.

Meanwhile, I could also do with a better way to capture from the Amiga. I'm thinking a myriad of dongles would probably be needed to get something crisp and clear from it, but I'm sure I might be able to figure it out if I faff about with all the dongles I've previously purchased for it!
I DO have an RGB/Scart to HDMI dongle, but it seems to give weird ghosting effects.
A "Proper" one is .. Costly!
This OSSC device costs more than my telly did!

A "for the future" purchase, I reckon.
For now, we'll see how well the HDMI-USB dongle captures the Switch..

... And then start the process of redoing all those videos.
And maybe do videos for my non-Switch games, too, to make everything match up.


"Taking a break"..

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