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Capturing : Working
17th June 2022  
The new little USB capture dongle seems to work just fine with the Switch, but for a minor issue.


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The lag! Good grief, the lag!
It's roughly half a second and even with my ability to ignore lag, it proved to be a little too much to play the above single level of RetroRaider without tripping up occasionally.
You can see it in the video when I fail to jump over the hole, then jump after I've already fallen down it!

I've not dared attempt any of my other games yet, because I know that a lot of them are twitch-based, and they'd be really hard to play with that much of a delay.

The next purchase (good grief) will have to be a HDMI Splitter device, so I can play on the telly without the lag, and simultaneously record on the Mac with the lag included.. But .. Maybe next month before that happens, which is a bit annoying because .. This is my current rest period, and next month I'll be right back into the middle of things.

Aw well, something to look forward to, eh?!

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