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Planning Ahead
19th June 2022  
Right then, let's prepare for a new "season" of AGameAWeek, shall we?



First off, I need to get RetroRaider working on the Amiga.
It really isn't, right now. As much work as I put into the background switching, it's glitchy and totally the wrong colours, and I just don't know why.


Two, I think I need to scale down the SmileBASIC games, now.
150 is A LOT OF GAMES, and almost all of my good ideas have been done.
There's a few things that haven't, though, for various reasons.
A Munky Blocks game needs levels to be designed. As much as I've tried, it's just not good doing that with random levels.
A JNKPlat is in the same situation.
A new Space Popcorn - Popcorn Bucket - Multiplayer version requires a proper multiplayer frontend that supports multiple players properly.
And a new Centipong could do with being done.

All of those feel like they could be monthly games, instead of weekly.
So, um.. I might end up doing that.


The main three, as far as current AGameAWeek goes. I've jotted down a few game titles over the past few days, and it'd be nice to see if those work.
Engine wise, I could really do with simplifying how Browsercade functions, as well as adding local-multiplayer possibilities, and a nice level select function, too.

Revving up

That's an awful lot of background coding that needs to be done, for .. well, everything, really!
I'll probably spend most of this second week off, trying to figure out how best to do all of these.

Regular AGameAWeek should resume next week, when I really oughta be posting that RetroRaider - Amiga game.
Can I do it all in that amount of time!?
... Stay tuned to find out!

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