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20th June 2022
Yesterday just kinda sailed away from me. Not really sure where it went, if I'm honest!!


Last night I decided I should probably watch the Sonic 2 Movie's Commentary, but first I checked to see if Sonic 1 had one, and indeed, Apple have retroactively added it on! Cool!

When I first bought Sonic 1's movie on iTunes upon release, it didn't have a commentary in amongst the extras, but at some point in-between, Apple have been going back to hundreds of movies adding in such things.
If you've bought anything on iTunes, might be a good idea to nip back and see if there's new extras!

So, with two movie commentaries to watch, I settled down with a packet of Ginger Nut biscuits, and a lovely warm coffee, and finished off my week-off with a nice Movie night.


Right, today's the day to get back to coding again.
Stop being such a lazy Jay, Jay!
Now, which of the several hundred tasks should I tackle first?
Probably Amiga-Raider. That's fairly important, if I'm aiming to release it over the next 10 days or so.

Hop to it!
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