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Still Off-Colour
21st June 2022  
Good grief, how hard is it to get the colours working on RetroRaider!?!

... Stupidly hard, that's how hard!


Say what you will about my terrible lack of Amiga knowledge, but .. at least it wasn't monochrome, before!
What's going on here!?!

Today's task, try to get that working.
If this month's Amiga game ends up as something entirely different, assume I gave up at some point today!


I have at least finished off this week's ALChoon, and next week's is half done.
Then that'll be it for the Bitter ALBum, and this is also the point where I said I'd be making the switch over to using Ableton instead of KORG Gadget.
Ableton has been expensively purchased, and I've been slowly getting to grips with it over the past month or so, so hopefully the new album won't be a complete failure, but do expect the usual learning curve as I slowly get to grips with it.

.. Having said that my first few KORG Gadget tracks were infinitely better than anything I've so far managed to produce using Ableton, so maybe that's not such a good sign. Hmmm..

AGameAWeek Jingle (.mp3)

Created using Ableton with MonoFury and Emvoice plugins.

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