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Tuning the Telly
22nd June 2022  
Finally arriving far too late, Paramount Plus is now available in the UK.


Strange New Worlds is "available", but only up to episode 3, so we're still lagging behind for reasons that I honestly cannot fathom.

There's a couple of South Park 1-hour episodes on there. "South Park : Post Covid"
There's a whole bunch of movies, but none of them have commentaries or extras, so .. *shrugs*
And for some inexplicable reason if you click "Browse", it claims "Sorry, this content is unavailable right now", so that's useful..

There's 3 episodes of the Halo show available, Star Trek Prodigy, all of South Park,
Dexter is in, as is the Dexter New Blood series.
Twin Peaks : The Return is here, but Twin Peaks isn't!

There's a Nickelodeon section which is kinda oddly lacking in some shows.
Rugrats is there. Sabrina isn't. SpongeBob is, Ren and Stimpy's not. Turtles in, Rocko out.
It's a very odd selection, if I'm honest. Again, Paramount (I presume) owns all this shit, why is it lacking so much?!

Movie wise, there's a bunch of old movies, but I'm not seeing anything too new. The Sonic movie is one that springs to mind. Obviously they wouldn't have Sonic 2 yet, but Sonic 1 isn't here, either.
So.. um..
Yeah, not all that much content here, if I'm honest.

If you're on iOS, you can download it, and sign up for the free week, then head straight into iCloud Subscriptions and disable the subscription so you get a week without any worries.

.. Maybe wait until all of Strange New Worlds is available, then watch 'em all within your free week.

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