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RetroRaider Amiga - Officially Giving Up (For Now)
22nd June 2022  
Oh, man, RetroRaider-Amiga definitely wasn't a good idea..


I'm really not sure how Blitz-Amiga is wanting me to set up the bitmaps for backgrounds.
I essentially have two bitmaps for the background.
A blank Foreground bitmap onto which I draw walls and gems and things, and a pre-rendered Background bitmap which contains the trees, or the caverns, or the bricks, or other RetroRaider'y scenes.
The task is pretty simple, and "should" just be a case of layering those atop each other, but no matter what method I try to do this in, I end up getting stuck with output like this..

or this..

or this...

The issue is because of Blitz-Amiga using two different sets of colours for each "layer" even though they use the exact same palette.
And I'm not really sure what sets of colours they're using!!
I thought I had it, there, for a while, but. Nope. It was even worse!!

At one point I DID manage to get this...

However, that's only one single layer.
If I tried to make the game using that methodology, I'd have to get the drawing and clearing of objects to a bitmap working. That is, draw a wall on the bitmap, then in the instant you walk to the next "room", instantly redraw the original bitmap and draw a fresh set of objects in the room.
I can't get Blitz to work that quickly!!

No, I'm struggling way too much with this, and I don't think it's getting anywhere.
I certainly couldn't solve this issue in the next few days, and then code the entire rest of the game to work alongside it, before the end of the month.

Bah, humbug.
Pulling out whatever little amount of hair I have left, hasn't been helping.

Game Fale.

I think I should probably aim for something simpler, in future!

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