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23rd June 2022  
Well, if I'm not doing an Amiga edition, the least I can do is a nice Browsercade one, right!?


I'll start that, now.
.. I say now. I mean after I've posted the week's SoCoder Newsletter. But within the next hour or so!
Hopefully it'll come together fairly quickly.
Sprites and Backgrounds are easily accessible, and the random generator oughta be sturdy enough, given how I did it in the Switch version.
Expect the game to turn up, maybe by Monday? Not sure.


Had a Star Trek night, last night.
Watched the first episode of Strange New Worlds, and the first episode of Prodigy.
I enjoyed Prodigy more than I thought I would, but I expect the "It's a kids show" element to take hold as the show progresses.
Over on YouTube, I also watched the TrekCulture Ups and Downs for both of those episodes, because why wouldn't you!?

Sure would be nice to have proper DVD Extras/Commentaries and such on the Paramount Plus service.
Sucks that every one of these streaming sites is ignoring those.
Bah, humbug!

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