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Day Off!?
25th June 2022  


My Uncle paid us a visit yesterday, so we all sat and chatted for a few hours, and Pizzas were ordered.
It was a lovely day.
I do like having visitors, though sometimes the constant turning back+forth between people talking can leave me a little more nauseous than I'd like!

I've found that the impolite task of staring at a screen can help alleviate that, somewhat. It's not a very nice thing to do, in the company of others, but if I focus on a screen it stops me constantly turning left and right to chat with people, and makes things a little less wavy in the process.


I've been testing all manner of things, in preparation for making the big leap from KORGGadget on iOS to Ableton on MacOS.
Last night I dug out my KORG MicroKEY Air (The 25-key variant), and was glad to get it working on the Mac (Once I downloaded the extra driver, from the AppStore)
That'll help quite a bit, I imagine... Though I'm still rubbish at IRL Music playing, even simple melodies.
Maybe I should learn to do that better?

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