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Cable Chaos!
26th June 2022  
Took a good hour or so shuffling wires and tech around on the shelves yesterday.


The Switch Dock has had to take a trip upstairs, so now sits in a small area next to the Wii (which, incidentally, was incredibly warm last night.. I've unplugged it. Not sure why it would be doing that, whilst on standby.. hmm..)
The Switch's HDMI is now going into a 3-to-1 dongle, alongside the X360 and the "All the Mini Consoles" cable.
Whenever I want to play a Mini console, be it the NES, SNES, PS1 or Megadrive, the HDMI cable and USB cable gets swapped to whichever one is being used.

So, those three HDMI cables go into the 3-to-1 dongle, and then that goes into a 1-to-2 splitter, which takes whichever signal is active, and splits it to both the TV and to the Capture dongle.
The capture dongle is on the end of another big HDMI cable, so that I trail it over to the MacBook, and use that to record footage from whichever device is running. .. Which will, no doubt, just be the Switch, showing off my latest SmileBASIC game.

This means I can now happily play the game without any lag on the TV, whilst simultaneously capturing footage onto the Mac, which ends up with about half a second of lag.

.. Just don't look behind the TV!
Gosh, it's a mess back there!!

What I now need is a Scart->HDMI dongle. The cheap one I bought leaves nasty ghosting artefacts around the screen, so I think I'm going have to spend big-bucks and get a half-decent one, but ..
Those cost more than my telly did!

So far I'm using..
1. 3 to 1 Input Switch
2. 1 to 2 Output Splitter
3. HDMI to USB capture device
(Basic Amazon links, no referrals)

And a whole lot of wires. Be sure to stock up on those HDMI cables!!

This is the cheap Scart->HDMI device I bought, which gives a nasty output, with ghosting all over. Not recommended!

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