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Musical Day
27th June 2022  
I tried coding yesterday, but it wasn't very fruitful.
Instead, then... Music stuff.


I finished off the last track of the Bitter ALBum ready for posting on Wednesday, and with that, started to close off an era that's lasted a good 8 years.
|update| I released it today..! |update|

I started using KORG Gadget back in 2014, and have created around about 938 choons using it, but now it's time to properly make the switch over to Ableton.

With a myriad of synths from FullBucket, tons of drum loops and samples from Computer Music magazine, and the wonderful Purity VST that I recently discovered, I think I've more or less got every kind of sound that AL might like to play around with.

How well the switch to Ableton goes, now, is entirely down to my own (or AL's) abilities.
.. uhoh!!


I still have to add baddies and collectables to the Browsercade edition of RetroRaider, but it shouldn't be "too" tricky.
I hope!
Might be later today, but also might end up being tomorrow.

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