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Player Thoughts : RetroRaider
29th June 2022  
RetroRaider seems to be fairly popular amongst the players on the site!
All one of them!


Michael Fernie

I like this game. Plays well. I will say it's hard to see where the floor is on some of the brown ground/walls sections. It blends with the walls.

Perhaps.. But in all cases the floor is in exactly the same place, so shouldn't be "too" much of an issue.
It's when the circular hole blends in that you can accidentally trip yourself up.

In addition, the grey wolf/dog blends into the grey floor quite well. I gave it a darker tail and paws, and a little black nose, to help it stick out a teensy bit, but. It's not the greatest..

As with most Browsercade games, it's teensy tiny when played on a mobile, in portrait.
I couldn't think of a good way to get this one working in that orientation!

The only hard part playing is the very limited ammo power ups. I run out and then scramble to find some more. Then when I can't all you can do is die. I had no problems with the monsters. It's just lack of ammo that makes it hard. Need to conserve ammo more the next time I play. Thanks for making it!

Keeping track of your ammo is definitely the biggest element of these games. I very very rarely have limited ammo in my games, but every so often, it's fun to have to keep track of this stuff.

In a previous version I had a little stabby knife for whenever you'd run out of ammo, but I never liked the "Infinite killing" that that gave. It's better with the limitation, I think. .. maybe.


Glad you enjoyed it, though. And hopefully I can get an Amiga version up and running at some point.

You can Play RetroRaider in the Browsercade, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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