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13th July 2022
Currently titled "Lockbox", and a name that'll likely stick.


Lockbox. A game I started, last night, when I was awake until 6:30am because it was too hot to sleep!

It's a bit like Rush Hour, if I'm honest, but I'm trying to add a little uniqueness to it, including the ability to shift the tiles in both directions, instead of just forwards and backwards.

The aim isn't to get a specific block out of the area, but will instead be a case of matching up some of the "stickers" that will be pasted on the blocks.
Two of each icon, stickered onto the blocks, but once you match them up, they Lock together, and you can no longer move those tiles. (Or I might see about moving the tiles as clusters..?)

That's the plan, anyway.
Currently it can draw the above, but nothing else happens!

Whether I can manage to get the game to work like that, and whether I can get a decent level generator to work, we'll have to wait and see.
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