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16th July 2022
As good as Lockbox is, I think I can probably fix that movement code a bit.


After a good hard think about it, I think I know the solution.
I'll be trying that, later today. (*done!)

In the meantime, there's a certain other tweak that may or may not be apparent, but finally got fixed!
The W letter bubble no longer has a teensy tiny bit of pink in it's top corner.
You might not have noticed it, but it's definitely been there this whole entire time!
If you zoom in on this screenshot you can clearly see the little tiny spot of pink.

When I originally drew the spritesheet, I used a pink background, then removed the pink and made it transparent. (I do this ALL the time!!)
Unfortunately, the letter W extends slightly outside of the circle, and its shadow made the pink a little less pink.
When I removed all the pink, that little bit remained, and it's been there ever since, lurking in the background, mocking me every time I play any of the word games!

I fixed it.
It's gone.
Or at least, it will be once your browser's cache decides to update it.
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