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Musical Day
24th July 2022  
A lyric popped into my head, yesterday.


I headed outside to check the mailbox, there was no mail, so I came back in.
Outside, nobody around. The street was empty, abandoned..


So I jotted down some lyrics, then decided to use Emvoice to quickly cobble together the lyrics into a melody before I forget it.
I added a generic drum loop, then a couple of other instruments, and within a couple of hours, a whole choon had appeared.

Over the next several hours, I neatened it up, added another instrument or two, and then started work on a basic video using Motion.
By about 10 o'clock at night, everything was done, and it's turned out quite nice, too!

That was how I spent the day, yesterday.
No coding.
Entirely music.

You can't stop a good idea!

Choon won't be out until Wednesday, though, so you'll just have to wait.

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