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25th July 2022  
If you take a peek at the top of the site, all four Recent games are for different engines.


The games listed are currently...
Alien Deathmatch Area : SmileBASIC
Trilume : Browsercade
Lockbox : Shoebox
Greenie's Dungeon Puzzle : GotoJSE

I think that looks quite nice... (Aside from the slight misalignment.. Not sure where that's from!)

Rather than every other (or every!) game being SmileBASIC, I'm now spreading things out a little wider, in terms of where the output goes.
There are still things I'd like to work a little better.

Browsercade is my current bugbear, since almost every new game needs a fresh set of sprites and to do that I have to faff about with extra spritesheets, put the logo+icon into other sheets, and then faff about re-uploading everything again with a new cache.

Shoebox does that, too, but I rarely ever have to add new sprites into the mix, for that. Just the little icon.
GotoJSE, on the other hand, has it's own Symbol Data stuff, so nothing new has to be uploaded.

On top of that, I'm really starting to regret not putting more buttons into Browsercade, especially given how well Alien Deathmatch Arena turned out. That second thumbstick is being sorely missed.

So, lots of background stuff to be done, but also I'm going to try to stick to the alternating game engines, to keep things as varied as I can...

Which, I think means I need to do a GotoJSE game, next..

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