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27th July 2022  
Had one of "those" days, yesterday...


I started off with a sprite, with strips of rainbow colours, and then proceeded to try to form a lovely rainbow with as few drawing calls as I could, within GotoJSE.

Tweaking the angles one by one, bit by bit, it proved to be exceptionally difficult to get the strip to round off to the next sprite in just the right way.
Once I was finally happy with it, about an hour later, I then turned the Alpha down a bit, and ..
.. Oh dear..
The bits where each sprite met up with the next left crazy artefacts all over the place.

Not working.

I decided to take my mind off things, so opened up the newsletter instead.


Most of this week's newsletter was completely void of any content, so I spent a good couple of hours filling in as much as I could.
I still have a couple of youtube videos to add to the mix, but for the most-part it's ready and raring to go.

... What else can I use to take my mind off the game..?


Goodness, the capabilities that Motion has are really quite impressive.
Considering it's only £50, compared to the £250 that Final Cut Pro is, I'm staggered by the newfound capabilities that I could potentially have in my video making toolbox.

View on YouTube

Motion Tracking is REALLY easy, so long as there's something obvious to track.
It can't track my hand all that well, as it's too large on the screen, but if I place a small marble on my hand, it can track that just fine.

Load in the video clip, tell it what to track, and just like magic it actually does it.
It's REALLY powerful!!
The 3D Text is then overlaid and told to follow the tracked point, and .. That's it!

The scaling's a little wonky, so I turned it off in the above video, but I expect that's because the object was as close as it is.
Otherwise, that's a pretty damn impressive result, for what was basically only a couple of minutes work.
I'm quite quite happy with that!

Back to Coding

"Why don't you just draw half-a-dozen coloured ovals, instead of trying to do it with sprites?"

Oh yeah..
So I did that, and my rainbow looks great now.

Still need to code an entire game around it, but that's a lovely little rainbow!

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