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The Little Game
28th July 2022  
Cloudy Bees didn't end up being that much of a game, if I'm honest.


Perhaps I'm being too hard on myself. I am, after all, writing AGameAWeek, here. But something definitely feels lacking from that game, and I'm almost certain I could've come up with an ingenious gameplay element, had I spent another day or so thinking about it.

If I'm honest, that day was probably the day I spent WAY too long doing the bloomin' rainbow.


No matter. On to the next one.
A Shoebox game, this week, perhaps?
What game might that be?

Having reduced the SmileBASIC games down to a month, (and .. apparently given up on Amiga games..?) you'd think I'd have given myself more time to get things done.
Yet here I am, still flailing about, rushing to get the next project into gear.

There's too much to do, and no matter how I try, there's just not nearly enough time to do it.
Oh well.
I brought this on myself

Carry on, Jay!

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New games every week!
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