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30th July 2022  
Since we're only a couple of days from the start of August, I've started work on next month's SmileBASIC project.


I started the project by sitting for about an hour drawing loads and loads of little sprites.
Red beams, bricks, ladders, springs.. You name it, I drew it.
And about 1/4 of the necessary sprites needed for the main character.

The next task will be to create an editor, before starting work on the game itself.

It's about time a proper JNKPlat got done in SmileBASIC.

I'll likely leave the editor intact, though it'll be slightly frustrating that you can't really share the levels that you make.
.. Meh.

My task, then, will be to create as many new, but varied, but decent levels that I can over the next few weeks. I'll probably stick to the classic tile-set, and just spend the time replicating a bunch of classic levels, if I'm honest, but knowing me, I'll start messing about with other mechanics along the way.

But, yeah, that'll be the SmileBASIC project for the next month.


Today I intend to get that Calendar Menu for Browsercade fully functional.
That should allow me to do some more interesting games in the engine.
A nice long NeonPlat Adventures might be nice to do in there, though the sprite set alone adds another 1Mb to the overall download size of Browsercade, and the floors aren't nearly as nicely bright and colourful due to the lack of recolouring in HTML Canvas.
Yeah, not sure on the best way to do that game, if I'm honest.
.. Still, the Calendar Menu should at least be doable.
I'll go and work on that!

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