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4th August 2022  
Yesterday went a bit crazy!!


Having not yet managed to do a good ALChoon, the majority of yesterday was spent trying to do just that.
I have four unfinished and abandoned "Variable E" choons that didn't sound very good, before settling on a little hook that seemed to work reasonably well.
I really should start doing a "Unfinished" look back series of videos, or something like that.

I also spent the majority of yesterday writing this week's SoCoder Newsletter, too.
I'd barely even started doing that, and the template was as empty as it usually is on a Monday.
Where has the week gone?!
... Mostly staring at Linode's Status page!

Gradually, though, throughout the course of the day, the two elements took shape, although the ALChoon's Video definitely suffered from the lack of time.

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A big Wibbly Wobbly thing was all I could muster.
And even that was just a case of clicking the "Draw me a big Wibbly Wobbly thing" button in Apple Motion!
Adding the lyrics wasn't too hard, and I'm already getting the hang of the basic.
I wonder how well I could cope if I tried doing 3D lyrics?!
Might have to try that when I've got a bit more time to do it.


I woke up with a fully fledged song in my head, this morning, and have already 75% recreated it in Ableton, ready for next week..


OK, post the Newsletter, and then I think today will be a rest day.

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