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Lazy Saturday
7th August 2022  
Aaaah, What a nice relaxing day..


Once all the morning Blogging and other such stuff was done, I set down the MacBook, grabbed the iPad and a PS4 controller, then loaded up Xbox GamePass Cloud Ultimate MicrosoftCan'tNameThings, and off I hopped into the world of No Man's Sky.

I spent a couple of hours playing the game, stopped for lunch, hopped straight back in again.
In all, I think I was playing for about 6 hours. Lots of aimless wandering, exploring, travelling, buying, selling, and the occasional blowing stuff up.


Honestly can't wait for the game to show up on Mac. I expect my levels of exploring will become infinitely more monotonous

I'll try to get back to doing something more productive, today!

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New games every week!
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