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25th August 2022  
There are 6 days left in August.
There are 43 levels left to make in JNKPlat : Switch
Not looking too good, right now!!


I still need to get the main menu working, and also should probably run through all the levels testing they work as intended.
The teleports still aren't functional, nor are the little see-saw blocking things.
Blocks 34 and 35 are so far entirely empty, and have no purpose whatsoever. (Block 33 is being used as a tile that enemies can't pass through)

But it's getting there, slowly but surely.. .. Maybe a bit too slowly.
I really do need to push on with this.
Come on, Jay!! Hop to it!


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I spent FAR too long trying to come up with lyrics for this week's ALChoon.
The choon was mostly done on Sunday, but .. man, lyrics. I suck at doing those!!
In the end, the word Horizon spurred me on to make it about boats.
It's not the greatest, but it'll do.

The sailing ships were done with GotoJSE.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I haven't done a SoCoder newsletter, this week. I have WAY too much stuff on the go.

Incidentally, I also started a version of Missile Command in GotoJSE, yesterday. I'll likely post that later today.
It's nothing major. It's just Missile Command.

Right, back to the JNKPlat.. Fix those falling blocks, then get back to making more levels.

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