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Try Again...
26th August 2022  
Last night I finished off the Missile Command game, and got everything ready to upload...


It's an incredibly bland Missile Command clone with little or no redeeming features, other than it being nice and fast paced.
I was fairly happy with the balance, so recorded a little video, edited on the AGameAWeek intro and outdo, got it rendered, took screenshots, made the logo, and got everything ready for an upload session.

And then the server died again..

Linode offered the exact same "Connectivity/power" report on their site, and managed to get things up and running after about 50 minutes, but by that time I wasn't really in the mood for doing any uploading.
Frankly, that's getting stupid.
There's been three outages in a month, and that's just a little bit too much.

I then spent most of the night trawling the net to see if I could find a more suited server.
I haven't yet found one, but Ramnode has been suggested as a decent alternative.


Right, back to where we were last night.
I'll get uploading the pics and stuff for JSE Missiles, and then get some more JNKPlat levels built.

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