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Nearly Complete
27th August 2022  
JNKPlat Switch Edition now has 97 levels! Oooh!
That's very nearly a complete set of levels.


Today's tasks are.
1. Finish those last few levels.
2. Do some music
3. Sort the levels into the 25 level packs.
4. and then go through every single level playtesting, to be sure that all levels are beatable, but also can be failed without you getting trapped in a random corner without a way to die.

That's a long Saturday...


Considering I did a quick game so I could concentrate on doing the next Shoebox game, I haven't spent ANY time working on the next Shoebox game.
Sorry this week's been a JNKPlat week, and I'm now wondering whether to do a browser edition using Browsercade or GotoJSE.
Or do I go the whole hog and make a dedicated JNKPlat site with level editing and uploads and easy links that play levels..?
That might make more sense..


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