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30th August 2022  
I've added a new Question of the Day section to SoCoder.
I say added.. The section's been there for about a decade, but has been mostly unused.


I spent most of yesterday morning trawling the interwebs for new possible Poll ideas for the site, and ended up on a site full of random questions.

What's your most bizarre nickname?
What's been your most physically painful experience?
What bridges are you glad that you burned?

And over 300 other similar things.

Questions of that variety don't really fit into the poll. They're far too open ended, and they're the sort of things that might work better as discussion topics than as polls.
So that's exactly what I did with them.
I threw them into a giant QOTD file, and got the server to randomly pluck one out, every morning, and add it to a monthly thread.

I had to do some serious tweaking, though, to get it to safely post content in a raw form to the site. A little jiggery pokery, though, and it "seems" to be working ok. I'll have to keep an eye on it over the next few days, to be sure.
This morning's trial run seems to be working well enough, and .. hopefully that continues as more and more obscure questions get plucked out.
You can Read the thread here.

Festive Thoughts...

In addition to that, the idea of a Daily Photo Challenge emerged. A word of the day, and see what photos you can take.
I'll likely keep that thought for another month.. Perhaps as an "Advent of Creativity" companion of sorts during December.
Speaking of which, all of this year's Advent of Creativity daily number pics have already been generated by DallE, and are ready for posting, though .. If I'm honest, they're not as .. crazy.. as last years. I might try again with NightCafe.
NightCafe definitely seems to have a more surreal output style.

Which brings me to thinking about this year's Advent for AGameAWeek.
I haven't started anything, yet, but with September, October and November to go, I'm fairly sure I can come up with something.
After all, most of last year's games were coded in the last few weeks of November, because I spent most of September and October trying my best to get JSE to run as fast as I could!!!

But what to do for this year?!

I feel like doing something crazily different, this year, but.. As you've probably noticed, I've not been the most imaginative creator of things, in recent years.
Time to put on my thinking cap.

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