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4th September 2022
Browsercade's currently in a right mess, as I started work on the new controller code.
(But don't worry, it's only my home-edition that's broke!)


I decided, what the heck, and stripped out EVERYTHING.
All the controller code is being rewritten from scratch, but with the intention of having it all reintegrate in a decent way, afterwards.
I'm recombining all the controls from multiple controllers, all back into the standard inputs that all the games expect, but am also giving myself a secondary set of input values that I can work with should I decide to add TwinStick games, or Local Multiplayer ones, in the future.

I haven't dared yet to touch the TouchControls, because I know just how much I hate doing those

Hopefully I can get everything up and running in a day or two. It shouldn't be "too" hard, but having to remember all the different control code that I've already written in the varying games, makes it slightly trickier than it perhaps oughta be.
I really need to write myself some rules, when it comes to controller code, as I tend to haphazardly jump between all manner of different types.

In Browsercade it's CX1/CY1 for the two axis, in SmileBASIC it's ButtonL/ButtonR/etc, and in JSE it's GamePad(ButtonLeft)/GamePad(ButtonRight)/etc..
It can make for some tricky coding when jumping between the different targets, and I really oughta standardise it.

It's too late to do that with all the previous games, though, but moving on I hope I can make things a little more reusable.

Back to the code!!

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