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6th September 2022  
What began as a temporary thing has most certainly stood the test of time, though it did have a complete rewrite 5 years ago to keep things running as smoothly as anything I've written can run.


SoCoder is Sixteen years old, today.

It's hard to think that sixteen years have passed, already. We've seen a whole lot of users come and go (and mostly go) over those years. It's sad not to think about them all on days like these.
It'd be nice to have a great big reunion thing, but I doubt that'll happen.
Plus, what would we all do?
Coding!! Hurray!!

Sixteen years of insanity is a nice round number, and I'm happy to say that things aren't yet catastrophically broken, as far as the incredibly badly laid out database is concerned.
Users still manage to log in daily, and the new Question of the Day seems to be somewhat vaguely interesting. I think.. Maybe..

Happy Birthday, SoCoder!

"Disco lights, party balloons, and a lonely dancer wearing a big blue ball." by DallE, but obviously edited afterwards!!

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