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7th September 2022  
Spent a good hour or so organising my Ableton stuff, yesterday.
.. Again..
Silly oversized backups.


I'd already forgotten how chunky those backups are. Not to mention all the Imported samples.
For last week's Variable Incidence track, the swooshy swirly sound of the wormhole was created in an alarmingly simple way.
I had the laptop on my knee, opened the sound recorder, and swooshed my hands around in circles on my knees!!!
The muffled fluffy swooshy noises, as well as my tummy rumbling (!), made for a really interesting vortex sound once I added a couple of effect layers on top.

For comparison, here's the raw version.
: Download

And here's the version with a "Tape Malfunction", a "Wide Ambience" and a "Warm Ensemble" effect added on top.
: Download

...which, I think we can all agree, is a lovely swirly vortex sort of a sound, perfectly fit for a shuttlecraft to blast through, on it's journey to another part of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, that's just a tiny snippet. The original sample went on for FAR too long, and without realising it at the time, I've somehow ended up with 10Mb recording of the sound of my pants!

... Except I don't JUST have 10Mb of my pants, because Ableton has a "Freeze" function that ends up recording a full length wave of each track. This frozen track's essentially the same pants-wave but looped about 3 and a half times, meaning the frozen wave is 3.5 times bigger, and is 36Mb.

And then I duplicated the track once I was done, moving it from the WIP folder to the Final folder, meaning I've now got the 10Mb raw and 36Mb Freeze copied over, and now have over 90Mb of the sound my pants..!!

Oh the fun..

Yesterday was mostly spent cleaning that stuff up, and then this morning the new Computer Music magazine arrived, so I spent another hour or so installing (and then deleting) the new Drum Machine plugins which didn't really do anything that Ableton already does better with its own set of drumkits.

So much stuff.
A ton went to the backup drive. Bits were deleted entirely, and Ableton is ready for the next ALChoon.

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