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Apple's New Nobbly Doohickey
8th September 2022  
Apple sure did embrace the Notch, this time around, huh?
Taking a dumb hardware design, and hiding it behind a fancy bit of software.
That takes some epic design skills!


The number of Tweets I saw when the Notch was first introduced, lambasting and taking the mickey out of Apple's insanely dumb idea to leave a stupid chunk of the screen chopped out, was phenomenal.
People put up with it, though, and even my 12Pro has a little chunk of screen chipped away, but it was always seen as an unsightly fragment, left behind by a dumb hardware decision.

Compare that to what happened on Twitter yesterday.
The dumb chopping out of a bit of screen is still there, but now Apple has embraced the black hole, by drawing a larger black hole around it!
Using the hole as a hub for all notifications, it turns it from being "stupid dumb hole" to being kinda almost like a little screen of its own.
It really is quite impressive what they've managed to pull off, here, and the tweets that I saw were fully embracing this brand new method of making use of nothing!!

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Bravo, I say.
"Only Apple".. .. would take something we all made fun of, and stubbornly push ahead, making it an essential part of the package that we actually love, rather than do a UTurn and get rid of the thing we all hate.

It'd be nice if the governments of the world could similarly do things that ultimately turn out to be OK in the end.
Hey ho..

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