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9th September 2022
Yesterday was mostly spent watching the news, as the "Is she, isn't she" news of Queen Elizabeth II's health and eventual passing was all over the TV and Internet.


"The British Crown on a pedestal" : by DallE

A whole lot of things in the UK, and beyond, are going to have to be changed over the next short while. Money and Stamps being the obvious ones, since they'll now have to have the head of King Charles III on them, instead of Queen Elizabeth II.
Will the other countries that still have the Queen's face on their money make the switch?

Then the other stuff, like having ER embossed on every postbox around the country. Will they be changing those, too? That's definitely going to be quite an effort, especially after years of layers of paint have made most of them difficult to see in the first place!

After having only just switched the current Prime Minister, the whole nation's kind of in a weird state, right now.

But the world continues, and so must the coding.
Today's task. Getting proper 4-player multiplayer controls up and running on Switch.
Less News, More Code!
Get to it, Jay!
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