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11th September 2022  
The Multiplayer menu for SmileBASIC games is kinda functional, now, but the controllers aren't quite as good as they could be.


I need to rewrite the controller code to allow for up to four players at once, which means dumping tons of controller values into a giant array, but in a way that it's still easily accessible by my haphazard code at the end, but also doesn't break the regular single-player controller code.

Hectic, and messy, and .. Boy, this framework's getting big!!!

I still haven't made the game yet, either.

"Popcorn strewn all over a black background" by DallE

I'm intending to do a Popcorn Bucket on the Switch.
I've been putting it off for YEARS, because I needed a proper multiplayer controller setup to make it work, and that's the goal, here.
The game itself is relatively simple, but I'm wondering just how stable it'll all be, once the chaos of the game gets going. The original Space Popcorn could be a little bit glitchy at times.

Should be ok, though. I've learned a lot of SmileBASIC skills in the past few years, and hopefully it'll be enough to keep things silky smooth during hectic multiplayer popping sessions.


More news-watching today, as the many remembrances for 9-11 happen. A tragic day in history, and one that will stay in our memories for a long long time to come.
This has certainly been an extremely hard week to just "Keep Calm and Carry On"

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