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Uhoh, It's Tuesday!
13th September 2022  
I haven't got a plan for this week. Not a clue..
Honestly, nothing. No idea.


I could do with that Multiplayer and new controller stuff up and running in Browsercade, really, but that's incredibly broken right now.
Perhaps I should focus on doing that, rather than trying to scramble together another little game in the meantime.
But, no, push onwards and make another game!

I'll probably open up the Emulators and dig around for a bizarre game idea. Maybe pop something into GotoJSE again, since that seems to be my "Minigame" target at the minute.


On the other hand, there is something else that desperately needs some care and attention. hasn't had ANY work done on it since February last year!
... Though, if I really look into that, I can see myself doing a total rewrite.

As nice as it is to have the music and the gameplay sync'd as well as it is, it isn't always perfect, and then it ends up being all kinds of a mess.
I think that SpikeDislike 2's "Just some music over the top" method tended to work better.
Having hundreds of mp3s streaming in the background would be great for that, but .. Probably quite bad for the server!!

I dunno what to do there, if I'm completely honest.

.. Hmm.. actually it doesn't seem to be working at all, right now, on Safari...

Yeah, that needs a-fixin'

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I also haven't got a good ALChoon up and running yet. Though I've got 4 incomplete, barely started ditties, none of them are quite yet a Choon, and there definitely aren't any lyrics running around in my head, either.
I got nuffin'.
Just plain out of any kind of inspiration whatsoever?!

Who knows..

I just don't seem to be coming up with anything amazing, lately.


"A flat grassy landscape at night, and a beautiful starry sky above." by NightCafe

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