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Uhoh, It's Wednesday!
14th September 2022  
Today's plan is simple.
Compose an entire ALChoon, Make a video for it, write a Newsletter, then panic because I haven't started a game, yet!


Yesterday I posted a link to PuttyCad and PsychicParrot's latest game, Gherbert Groundhog over on SoCoder, then felt "Needs more" so transformed the simple link into a Showcase.
Whilst doing this, I realised just how bloomin awkward it is to post a Showcase at SoCoder.
I haven't properly done it for a while, and it wasn't exactly an intuitive process.
This got me wondering about how I could potentially streamline it a little, so I took the time to jot down a few notes to myself, and added it all to that great big todo-list that's rapidly growing.

I think I'll likely work on that a bit more, today, which likely means there probably won't be an AGameAWeek this week, unless I manage to cram something in along the way.
Haven't a clue what that might be, though!

I'm winging it!

"A bird tries to type on a laptop using its wings." by DallE

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New games every week!
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