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18th September 2022  
Can't seem to focus on my game-dev this week. I spent most of yesterday tweaking that ALChoon from the day before.


"A sketched cartoon of a musician in his 80s bedroom with posters on the wall, wearing huge earphones and banging out the beats with a large KORG synthesiser." by DallE

The ALChoon's feeling much more choon-like, now, and should hopefully lend itself to lyrics, though quite what those lyrics will be, I've no idea.
Maybe I should spend a couple of days just writing a bunch of lyrics in the hope that something vaguely decent ends up coming out the other side?!


The "crab-man in a dungeon" game is .. kinda working.. I think. Or at least, the player seems capable of navigating the chaotic screen without too much of an issue.

A bit of work on the actual gameplay, now, though, and I'm thinking a key vs door scenario might work well enough. Find the key inside the arena, then escape.
I'll have to get him digging downwards, instead of only upwards, though. He currently does a very Mario-esque upward smashing of bricks!!

The enemy fighting shouldn't be too hard to pull off, either, especially with crab-man's deadly pincers!!

It's coming together..
Slowly but surely!

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