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21st September 2022
I didn't release a game, last week, and we're already halfway through this week.
What's going on, Jay!?!


I spent yesterday working on an ALChoon and now have to make a fun little video for it.
I've an unfinished Newsletter that needs doing, and this week's game is still a way's away from being completed.
This isn't going well.

How is it that I managed to easily do 2 or even 3 games a week at one point? I have no idea.
The past few weeks have certainly taken their toll, and as much as I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, it's proven a lot harder this year.

Maybe I'm getting too old for this stuff?..
No, it's the children that are wrong.

Right, today's insane task list.
ALChoon Video

Everything done.
No excuses.

I might have a nap, first!

"The man is getting lazy and not getting anything useful done." by DallE
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