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22nd September 2022
Can you guess which of yesterday's checklist items didn't get done?
I'll give you a clue. I finished off the ALChoon and the Newsletter..


This Castle/Dungeon/Crab game isn't getting done, is it?

It's not that I got bored with it, but after faffing about with GotoJSE for most of yesterday to generate the little video for the ALChoon, I was kinda in the mood to do.... anything else!!

Instead, then, I turned to the SmileBASIC game of the month.
I drew some nice chunky popcorn sprites, got the ships flying around, and the weapons done, too.

At this point, I have a 100% Multiplayer Space Popcorn game, and it's fully working with multiplayer controls and everything.
Gud gud!

Next I need to add some pickups and other ways to score points, because .. Much like the original Popcorn Bucket, I'd rather it not just be about shooting the popcorn, but instead gathering bonuses and such.
I also might up the resolution on it, as it's a teensy bit cramped at low-res!!


This morning, I hit the "Shuffle all the music on my iPad" button, and the first track that popped up was the theme tune to SpikeDislike3.
My head instantly started running through all the plans I had for SpikeDislike3 before the horrible Android-Piracy thing took front-and-centre and destroyed everything I had in mind for the game.
God, that still hurts to this day...

I'm now wondering how well the plan might work for The trail of levels, the unlocking of worlds.
In my head, that's a super-epic grand plan..
The one issue I can now see is that frequently after an OS update, both the iPad and the MacBook are completely losing a bunch of my browser-stored data.. And if that happens after you've unlocked a ton of SpikeDislike levels and scored some epic points, you'd be pretty damn cheesed off about it.

Perhaps, first, I oughta look into ways of .. *gasp* Storing player data online...?!

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