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23rd September 2022  
Right, today I need to buckle down and figure out how Popcorn Bucket is going to play.


The original Popcorn Bucket had.. Buckets! You'd gather certain tokens and bring them back to your home.
I think I'll probably stick to that idea, as it seemed to work reasonably well.
Scaling the resolution up should also help it get a little less cramped, and I've an idea for making the popcorn "explode" a bit more than it normally does, to make for some nice multiplayer battling.

The single-player mode might end up being a little lacklustre when compared to the multiplayer game, but .. I think that's to be expected, really.
Single player will be more or less plain Space Popcorn, but with the collecting element added in.
Will it be enough, though?

I'll have to start coding the extra stuff, and see if I can come up with anything else.

"Lots of Popcorn floating in space" by DallE

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