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Wasted Day
26th September 2022  
Spent a day tweaking a test over and over again to try and get it to do what I wanted..
Really should've checked that beforehand...


What I wanted to do was to draw textures onto cubes, but use different offsets along the way.
Somewhat akin to a spritesheet, but on a texture, so I could draw one single texture, but have it appear as different objects.
Could I do that?
Could I bugger..
I spent about 2 hours tweaking, retweaking, re-retweaking and more, but nothing I did could seem to achieve the intended style.

Then I thought.. Hang on, let me grab the full version of this tutorial I'm trying to follow.

I downloaded the sourcecode. It showed how to offset the texture, and worked great.
I changed it slightly to offset the texture twice, and .. Wouldn't you know it, the damn tutorial's just as broke as what I was getting.

You can offset the texture to get it to only draw that small area of the "spritesheet", but if you try to change it for object 2, then object 1's texture offset snaps to whatever object 2's is.

You CAN have lots and lots of objects (I managed over 25,000!) but they all have to look identical!

Bah, humbug.
Right, that's that engine scrapped. Next..

I might end up going back to my own Browssercade/Shoebox engine, at this rate!

"A retro videogame with spikes and a bouncing ball" by DallE

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