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26th September 2022  
A stress test, if you'd like to join in.


SpikeDislike "Three.js" Stress Test

Now that I've got the offset stuff working (via the method of cloning hundreds of textures :/ ) I've got a test up and running.
Please do let me know how/if it runs on your device of choice.

There are three bouncing objects at the front, a ball, a white spike and a red spike.
Whilst the ball is bouncing, the "snake" is drawn with 300 sprites.
While the white spike bounces its 600 sprites.
And finally the red spike is 900 sprites.
(Plus the background and the three bouncing objects at the front.)

The framerate is up on the top left.

Please give it a whirl, and let me know how your system of preference copes with the engine.
Give it time to run through all three "stresses", and let me know of any and all average framerates during the three tests.

You can Test the Test, here.



What happened to that VR SpikeDislike from the other day?
That's still happening, but will be a separate engine, because otherwise things get crazy!

Why are you making SpikeDislike AGAIN?
Two reasons.
One, the current is very broken, and extremely awkward to add new themes to.
I'm rewriting this as a new engine, and am planning ahead for the ability to add "LOADS" of themes.
Or, at least, that's the plan, anyway.
Reason Two will become evident in a couple of months.

What is this testing?
I've created an engine using All of the "sprites" are in fact small boxes, and with any luck I should be able to add some nice lighting effects, shaders, and other such things in future. For now, it's simply testing that the engine can handle multiple sprites from different points in multiple sprite-sheets, all at the same time.
I know that SpikeDislike isn't exactly the world's most complex game, but I wanted to give myself the most options that I can for future themes and such.

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