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27th September 2022
ALChoon needs lyrics.
Next game needs starts.
Plenty to do.


The ALChoon doesn't sound too bad, but I'm not really sure what lyrics might go with it. Man, I suck at making lyrics!
Having said that, last week's Variable Location appears to have had a decent uptake on YouTube, gaining over 200 views in the past few days, as well as 30 likes, which is.. quite frankly, unprecedented!

Interestingly, there's an advert on it, which I find interesting since AL doesn't yet have a monetised account, nor has he opted to put adverts on that video.
Strange that, huh?


Time to get a game up and running for this week.
As per usual, no idea what that might be, but I should probably do a Browsercade one.
Which reminds me, the controls are still incredibly wonky on that.
Do I try to fix them over a few hours, today, or do I hit the big undo button and go back to what I had before?
.. Probably that, if I'm honest.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

The three.js based SpikeDislike engine test "works", but if I'm honest, I was expecting far better performance out of it.
Considering the engine is also using up a bucketload of CPU and GPU power to run, what with it being WebGL based, I'm quite alarmed that it's not running any better than what it is.
Perhaps I oughta rethink things.
WebGL might be a nice "what if" functionality, but in the grand scheme of things, I'd rather people actually be able to run the bloomin' thing!

I'll probably scrap what I have, there, and redo it.
.. Again.

"A large glowing "UNDO" button floats above the warriors, on the battlefield." by Dall-E
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