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3rd October 2022  
The endless disliking of spiked objects continues, with a completely rewritten SpikeDislike framework.

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What I Did Do

If you've been following for the past week or two, you already know what this is, and if you've been following AGameAWeek for the past decade, you also already know what this is.
It's SpikeDislike for the umpteenth time.

A couple of years ago, I created a, and had grand plans to expand it over the course of time.
Instead what happened was that I coded myself into an incredibly tricky corner, found it really hard to create new themes for it, struggled to add new music since it was in MOD format, and ultimately gave up trying.
After that it was left to rot, and Javascript/Browser enhancements and security lockdowns resulted in the whole site becoming unusable.

I'd been keeping up with Foldapuz, Shoebox and Browsercade, but let the SpikeDislike site slip.
When I went to fix it up a week or two ago, I inevitably decided to redo from start, fix up all my previous issues, and come up with an all new engine.

The new engine is now available to play, but if you've any thoughts, suggestion or comments, please do send them my way.

Thanks to everyone who's helped rebuild this engine. There's no comments on the site yet, but I'll be squeezing them into the [hamburger menu] options screen somewhere, soon.


"A large orange ball, bouncing on a sunlit grassy field, as clouds pass behind it." - DallE

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