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5th October 2022  
There are now 3 almost identical themes on the main menu of


Yesterday I took some time to add "Daily Dislike" into the mix.

It uses the same theme pack as the other two modes, but then uses the day's date as a random seed.
The seed generates the spike layout, the background hue, the speed of the bounce, the movement speed, how fast the Combo-Bar is reduced, and the distance between spikes.

All of these parameters acting together should hopefully give this mode a slightly different feel, each day.

Since the gameplay is forever changing, the scoreboard for this mode will reset at the start of each day, and it'll be up to you to fill it back up again

Next I need to figure out how best to switch between themes based on the passed URL, so that we can have a url and things like that, which will then be used by the Share button, so people can very lazily click the share button to tweet "I disliked today's spikes. Can you beat my highscore of xxxx points?!", and then the game will spread throughout the world of Twitter like wildfire, and it'll be all popular and stuff.
Yes yes yes!!!

... I'd better do that, then!

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