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Waste of a Day
12th October 2022  
Spent hours yesterday trying all manner of things to get buttons working in SpikeDislike VR, only to eventually give up again.


How hard is it to say "If button, Go!"? Remarkably difficult, it seems.
Also, the game isn't even moving in VR mode, still, and that baffles me no end.
Good grief. You'd think SpikeDislike would be easy enough.
Bounce the ball, move with a button, smash into spikes. End.. Repeat..

Updates to the VR Engine
1. A bit of text on the screen. I wasn't planning on learning text yet! It's a debug message from the "It's easy to make buttons work with this!" plugin that didn't actually do the buttons as I wanted it to do, so will be removed. But I'll be keeping the text display and making use of it for scores and such.

2. Spikes.
The ball now collides with spikes, the game ends, the game will restart with a button push.

... But that's about it, and given how much time I spent working on it yesterday, that's kinda depressing!!

You can Test the engine here.


Retro Mode has been unlocked over at

It's ugly, and I'm not happy with it!

I was going to leave it hidden away until the Advent Calendar started, but yesterday @Voxel inadvertently "discovered" it when the engine went haywire due to his browser having all saving/cookies/local storage/etc locked down.
The script got confused, and was unable to tweak the bottom option on the menu to be "Daily", thus uncovering what the bottom option originally was.. Which was Mode 3 - Retro!

Since he seemed to like it, and I wanted to fix the engine, I decided to unlock it permanently.
It's not the best mode, and occasionally "looks" like you definitely didn't crash due to the way it looks ahead when colliding, mixed with the clamping down on co-ordinates to make it look more blocky.
A bit messy, if I'm honest.
I should probably fix that...

So many other things to fix, though, and like I said, I was hoping to be able to hide it away until Advent, so I'd have time to fix it up.
Guess not!!

You can Play Retro-Mode here.

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